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   Ricky and Anita Eaves are passinate about breeding and training great retrievers and serving the Lord and people in the process. 

   Ricky has trained and competed at a high level, with Quarter Horses and coon hounds for over 20 years before moving into his love for breeding and training retrievers. Some of the industry leaders he has studied and/or trained with over the past 5 years in developing his training program are Mike Lardy, Bill Hillman and Danny Farmer. Ricky has trained on a weekly bases with many great trainers/handlers who have competed with great sucess in HRC, AKC, and Field Trial events for many years. We have run dogs in HRC and AKC hunts for 5 years now and are looking forward to entering the world of Field Trials soon.

   We have put many hours of study and thought into our breeding program and have chosen dogs from some of the absolute best breeding programs across the nation to start Redemption Retrievers Breeding Program. Our dogs have everything you would need to make great Hunt Tests, Field Trials or just a great hunting retriever. Their Pedigrees and Health paper work is top notch. 


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