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meet the team

Halloween Honey's Rippin' Kate

Kate is the foundation of our kennel at Redemption Retrievers. She has it all, the drive, super intelligence and never- say- die attitude. She loves to train and hunt and has a great disposition around other dogs and people. She has earned her HRC Seasoned Title and should finish up her finished title this fall.  We will then move on to MH title. She has the drive and ablity to run field trials, and we look forward to moving her into that soon. She comes from a great kennel owned by Terry Brousseau in Louisiana. Her sire and dam were on the leading sire and dam list in HRC  for Chesapeake Bay Retrievers.
Sire - Halloween Honey's Buddy
Dam - Rippling Waters Annie Oakley
Redemption's Joann's Dream Catcher
JoJo is a female we purchased from what we consider one of the best Chesapeake kennels in the U.S., Fisher Kennels, owned by Craig Klein. She comes from excellent Hunt Test and Field Trial back grounds. JoJo is presently in training and doing great. She has loads of power and the juice it takes to do the field trial events. She is very intellegent and picks up skills very quickly. We are excited about testing her this fall.
Sire - CK's Backwater Brody
Dam - CK's Bet On Decks MH
Ain't Gonna Let'em Catch Me Nite Rider
Rider is a really fun dog to work with.  He is very deliberate in everything he does and enjoys training. He also came from a great kennel, Rock Hill Retrievers, owned by Wade and Cathy Scroggins. His Sire and Dam are also full of hunt tests and field trial wins. So the genetics are there with this husky pup. 
 Sire - Rudy's Chasing Minnesota Fatz MH
 Dam - TC's What Was Mama Thinkin' MH
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